Comparing A-Rod With Nelson Mandela


There was a strange A-Rod sighting this week, even by his odd standards. Apparently, a Detroit news station mistakenly showed baseball’s bad boy on a graphic intended for the late president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. This led us to try to list things they have in common:

  • Nelson Mandela suffered years of unjust treatment by brutal prison guards
  • A-Rod suffers from unjust treatment by brutal sports writers who continue to dismiss his   “I thought the PED’s were food” argument
  • Mandela had many famous songs written about him while he was in prison
  • A-Rod slept with Madonna
  • Mandela united a country torn asunder by racial divisions
  • A-Rod united MLB against him when his legal team allegedly outed other players
  • Mandela recently died, unleashing a global wave of tributes by world leaders
  • A-Rod’s was banned for 211 games, unleashing his whining about potentially missing the 2014 World Series