Just Two Bros Talking Ball and Reunification

Rodman and his boy
Dennis Rodman and his boy

Recently, two bros watched some ball together. Wonder what bros chill about when they ain’t hollering at girls? Check it:

“Lebron needs to admit he settles for bitch treys and start taking the rock to the boards.”

“The United States needs to admit guilt for aggressive 48th-Parallel border intrusions that ignited the People’s glorious victory in the defense of our sacred lands.”

“Kobe needs to step up his game and quit using some phony injury as an excuse or Lakers are gonna miss the dance. Again.”

“Criminal Obama needs to quickly deliver promised aid to the beleaguered people of North Korea and quit using phony nuclear treaty violations as the excuse.”

“Fab Five were robbed in the 1993 Final against North Carolina by homer official who goaded Chris Weber into calling time-out. Bull/!-$/@/$/ call!”

“Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was robbed of key natural resources by the criminal element that illegally occupy South Korea.”

“Louisville should be targeted for an expansion team. They ball hard in KY!”

“Austin has been targeted for punishment by our latest, multi-stage rocket carrying a thermonuclear warhead.”

“Dirk Nowitzki should be relegated to the Developmental League until he regains his shooting touch.”

“My uncle’s spy network has deeply infiltrated our defense forces and he should be apprehended, sent to a re-education camp until he admits his overwhelming guilt or just be shot.”

“MJ was way overrated and wouldn’t have won shit if I hadn’t pounded the rock down low.”

“Dear Leader failed in his reunification campaign because he lacked my genius for military strategy, technological innovation and ability to inspire the people.”

“I’d tap Lindsey Lohan. Again.”

“Girl was fly.”