The Douchiest Millennials On Game of Thrones

It’s hardly surprising that Millennials think they should be in charge. They’ve been raised to think it’s perfectly natural for them to step directly into positions of authority by parents and educators who really should know better. For anyone who is looking for more clarity into what kind of children we’re raising, here are some very helpful examples courtesy of HBO’s hit show, Game of Thrones.

Viseryas Targarian is a douche

Exhibit A: Viserys Targaryen Entitlement drips from every slimy pore of this effete hipster. Following his hapless efforts to regain a throne he never possessed in the first place provides some pretty funny fireworks. His plan to marry off his sister to Kahl Drogo in exchange for an army might have worked out provided anyone would have remotely cared about his grandiose scheme. As poor Viserys drifts further and further into impotence, it never occurs to him that in order to achieve success, you actually have to make an effort and do something. Viserys eventually does get to wear his golden crown, but considering it’s poured on his head in a molten state, he is less than appreciative.
Millennial Douche Rating: 6 (Would have been higher if he wasn’t so entertainingly pathetic)

Daenerys Targaryn is a douche

Exhibit B: Daenerys Targaryen You don’t have to look far for our next entitled wannabe. Daenerys appears to be made of sterner stuff than her bro, but her chief claim to the throne seems to be that she slept with a big dude with an army. True, she does display a certain resourcefulness, but just because you think you should be in charge doesn’t automatically mean you should be in charge. In classic Millennial fashion, horny guys tell her she is special and sure enough, she is instantly transformed into a power-craving lunatic.
Millennial Douche Rating: 8 (Would have been a 7 if she wasn’t so in love with herself)

Joffery Baratheon is a douche

Exhibit C: Joffrey Baratheon Being the offspring of a sister and brother hook-up can’t be good for your personal development, but the brat everyone loves to hate takes Millennial Doucherie to heights seldom seen. Stupid, cowardly, and sadistic, King Joffrey is the poster child of what happens when you let an entitled rich kid with no qualifications run the show. No decision he makes is too destructive for his long-suffering mother. Like her, we are starting to suspect that manipulating the world so your kid can finish on top isn’t necessarily a good thing.
Millennial Douche Rating: 9 (we raised it slightly because he vaguely reminds us of fellow Millennial D-Bag, Justin Bieber)

robb-stark is a D-bag - daily-d-bag

Exhibit D: Robb Stark On paper, Robbie seems like  one of the good guys, but he also suffers from a classic Millennial symptom; a lack of loyalty. Robb doesn’t think it’s any big deal to break a promise to marry a King’s daughter in exchange for safe passage and military support. It’s certainly no surprise that he opts out of the wedding simply because he meets a hot girl, but when people carry swords and knives on a regular basis, you should very carefully think about your actions. Alas, Millennials change relationships and jobs like cell phone covers.
Millennial Douche Rating: 10 (D-bags who disguise themselves as good guys are the worst)