The Douchiest Fans in College Football


#5 The Ohio State D-bags
Ohio State fans are uniquely proud of making supporters of other teams feel as unwelcome as humanly possible. It’s kind of a Chamber of Commerce initiative in reverse. Apparently, the concept of tourism as an income generator is lost on them.


#4 Nebraska
Which is worse? Fans who treat visitors poorly, or fans who treat visitors poorly and strangely crown themselves “the classiest fans in college football.” (You get two guesses.) NU fans get bonus points for pining for the good ole’ days when the Cornhuskers brazenly flouted scholarship limits. Shame having to play with those pesky rules everyone else follows, isn’t it?


#3.  Rich, snooty fans of schools like Harvard, Virginia, Ole Miss and Vandy
Sure. Dress up and consider yourselves above the lowly competition all you want. Wear bow ties to games and drink Mint Julips. You’re still watching a game played by numbskulls in a concrete stadium and shoving nachos in your face like the rest of us.

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#4. Fans of Auburn and Alabama
The opposite of the snooty fans, these gentle folks bring shame upon our country every time they assemble. Listening to their spiritual leaders who call into the The Paul Finebaum show is confirmation that man’s days on earth are numbered.


#1: Penn State
Fans of the Nittany Lions are, well, different than other people. They blindly support a man who harbored a convicted pedophile at his school for decades. Even though their beloved coach candidly admitted “he wished he had done more” to stop a predator, they erect shrines to him. Weird.