Who’s Number One? College Football’s Biggest D-Bags 2014

In a year marked by shocking behavior even by college football’s typically low standards, it is hard to crown the douchiest personality in the traditional way. So, in the spirit of the new playoff system, we shall hold a round-robin competition between the top four finalists.


Angry Bo Pelini daily-d-bag.com
Sadly, you do know Bo

Bo Pelini: You have to hand it to Bo. Just when you think he would never top his immortal throwing the Nebraska fans under the bus rant, Bo reaches deep and delivers arguably the most offensive speech in college sports history. Unparalleled in its vindictiveness, martyrdom, and general loathsomeness, Bo has set a standard for coaches that may be untouchable.


jameis_winston_douchebag daily-d-bag.com
Stupid, I mean student athlete

Jameis Winston: Has there ever been a less likable player? Jameis continues his historic level of flouting laws and rules and doing so with a smile. Seemingly oblivious to concepts like shame and guilt, Jameis is truly in a class by himself. I’m guessing the FSU administration and coaches will be somewhat happy to see Jameis moving on. Check in next year to see if he makes the “Biggest NFL Busts” list.


Kai_Nacua_bloody douchebag daily-d-bag.com
“You should see the other guy”

Kai Nacua: Emotional leader of the already legendary game-ending brawl between Memphis and BYU. We haven’t seen anything this epic since the glorious Miami/Florida International slugfest. While it’s hard to single out a single player for a team effort like this, Nacua’s cheap shot combined with his own subsequent decking puts him in the finals.


tyreek_hill_douchebag daily-d-bag.com
Yesterday’s hero. Literally.

Tyreek Hill: Tough competition brings out the best. In a state where player thuggery (Frank Shannon, Joe Mixon, DGB) reached Barry Switzer levels, Tyreek stood above thanks to the sheer theatrical nature and timing of his transgression. Less than a week after dramatically delivering the mortal blow against hated rival OU, Tyreek assaulted his pregnant girlfriend and managed to get arrested and kicked off the team. To be fair, you can’t blame him, though. I mean it’s not like player violence has been in the news, or anything.